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Pressure sensitive memory ™ foam is the most remarkable advance in bedding materials because of its unique ability to mould to the body contours and provide an even distribution of body weight.

'feeling is believing'

Memory Foam Contour Head and Neck Pillows are contour designed for optimum neck support while sleeping. Contoured memory foam pillows support the natural curve of the neck and spine to alleviate neck pain, head aches, and stiff neck due to poor support on a regular pillow.

Memory Foam pillows provide comfort and support to reduce pressure on the head and neck.

Luxurious to feel, sumptuous to sleep on ... that’s the best way to sum up this new space-age viscous elastic foam.

So what’s different about it to traditional foam? It's a second generation viscous elastic material that was first developed by NASA (North American Space Agency) to protect astronauts from G forces. It has a more viscous network of cells to that of Traditional foam, and this gives it its unique "pliable" characteristics.

It moulds to the body and supports, cushions, and comforts like nothing else ... and quite simply you have to 'feel it to believe it' because only then can you quite literally grasp its wonderful pressure-diffusing properties.

It has gone from NASA to broad commercial applications, particularly in the medical field where it is renowned as a wonderful pressure-relief material for patients needing to be free of pressure to sensitive body parts that require medical care.

Memory Foam has now entered the bedding and general comfort market, and is available throughout the world in hundreds of different densities. There is nothing quite like it.

No Heavy Densities!

We at Therapeutic Pillow International do not subscribe to the heavier densities because it is felt that such styles incur additional pressure, not less, when the body continues to sink in. In fact some pillows out there offer poor (insufficient) neck support after a few minutes, and as well the dreaded 'ear crush' comes into play!

We use lighter “breathable” densities that due to their cell structure DO NOT keep sinking, but you still receive the benefit of the unique moulding properties of viscous foam.

Temperature Sensitive

Viscous elastic foam is temperature sensitive (some densities more than others), and you will often find with a pillow or mattress topper for example that it will feel somewhat 'firm' when your body first comes into contact.

Within 30 or so seconds it will react to the warmth of your body, and will mould and form around your body accordingly and accommodate its pressure points to give you a near pressure-free feeling.

(If your room is warm to start with, then you won't be aware of this temperature sensitive component of viscous elastic foam).